Digital X-rays

Our team uses digital X-rays as a safer and more accurate alternative to traditional film X-ray technology.

Digital computerized X-rays provide us with more comprehensive pictures of your teeth and gums and make it easier to determine the best treatment options for you. These images give us the capability to focus in on particular segments or problem areas of your mouth, making it easier to properly diagnose and treat dental problems before they become bigger and more harmful.   

Images of your teeth are taken with a small, unobtrusive sensor and are sent directly to our computer system, allowing us to more efficiently store your dental history and access it in the future. This is important and invaluable because it allows us to instantly compare images from any point in your dental history. With this information we can now analyze and determine both the progress of and the potential for future dental problems on a moment’s notice.   

Our digital X-ray system also provides patients with 70 percent less radiation exposure than standard film radiography. This technology eliminates the need for second X-ray attempts because of its simplicity, accuracy and efficiency. After an image is captured it is immediately transmitted to our computer. Our team can then enhance and manipulate the image to better view the desired area without the need for another attempt. This process not only expedites the X-ray procedure, but also saves valuable time of devlopeing the fim X-rays.

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