Intra-oral Cameras

Our team uses intra-oral cameras to improve and enhance your dental experience. These state-of-the-art pen-shaped instruments allow us to provide you more direct involvement and interaction with your dental health and make you more comfortable before, during and after treatment.

Intra-oral cameras capture high-quality images that are instantly transmitted to a screen directly above your treatment chair. Our team uses these cameras to target specific areas of your teeth and gums in order to highlight potential or existing problems and explain the procedure best-suited to treat them. This method allows you to better visualize the problem spots in your teeth and can help to ease your fears or worries about an upcoming treatment.

We use this technology to educate our patients on the state of their own oral health and to make dental hygiene and professional treatment recommendations. Intra-oral cameras are safe to use and help to correct any potential miscommunications that may exist between our team and our patients.

To learn more about the dental applications of intra-oral cameras, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.