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We are thankful during our fun day!

We had our annual mall day last week! What's mall day you ask? The first week in December we close the office for a whole day, we have a team building day Christmas shopping together. It's this Christmas season we are especially thankful for every single team member working hard every day. Of course we are also thankful for every single patient who entrusts us with their dental needs.

As you can see, we had our photo taken with Santa. We had fun during the photo...Santa even said if he lived in Lake City he would come to our office for his dental work. Lots to be thankful for!

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Fruit snacks are good for you, right?

In the US, there's so many food & drink products to choose from. Probably more than anywhere else in the world. And boy, they taste good, right??  We all have a sweet treat now and then, no worries. The factories that make much of the stuff we feed our families have excellent marketing, don't they? Fruit this, natural that, organic something or other. 

Dr. Brown & his wife Teri just returned from a mission trip to Guatemala (way to go Dr. Brown and Teri!).  Take a look at the labels on their "fruit snacks":

They're a little more honest than here in the US. Our ...

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Children's dental's all about prevention!

It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month! We figured a nice message about kids dental health should be shared.

This message is all about PREVENTION.

If we can start our kids on the path to optimal oral health early enough by setting a positive example with a healthy diet and a diligent daily dental hygiene routine, then our children will emulate us by developing their own dental hygiene habits that will serve them well from the time they are kids, through adulthood.


Why the Prevention Message?
Pediatric dental disease is 5 times more common than asthma and 7 times more common than hay fever.
Left untreated, pediatric dental ...

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Team Building Seminar

Boy did we attend a cool seminar today! A group of around 300 people from dental offices all around Minnesota gathered at  the Embassy Suites in Bloomington. The seminar was titled "Are We Having Fun, Yet?" by Bruce Christopher. Bruce is a Minnesota native who is part psychologist and part comedian. Quite an inspirational speaker, he inspires folks by talking about attitude. He told hilarious stories about optimism vs pessimism, and how failures are the stepping stones to success. Our entire staff of 14 people were in attendance, and there wasn't one of us who didn't enjoy themselves! If you ever get a chance to see Bruce, we highly recommended ...

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