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Fruit snacks are good for you, right?

October 14, 2015
Posted By: John Mueske

In the US, there's so many food & drink products to choose from. Probably more than anywhere else in the world. And boy, they taste good, right??  We all have a sweet treat now and then, no worries. The factories that make much of the stuff we feed our families have excellent marketing, don't they? Fruit this, natural that, organic something or other. 

Dr. Brown & his wife Teri just returned from a mission trip to Guatemala (way to go Dr. Brown and Teri!).  Take a look at the labels on their "fruit snacks":

They're a little more honest than here in the US. Our doctors are not impressed with these snacks:


Why? Because a lot of folks are unaware what's really in the products they eat and drink. It's not always sugar, but often acid as well. Any idea what acid does to your teeth? You guessed it! Cavities, and lots of them. (another big offender is drink flavorings, but that's another story).

Be a smart shopper, and don't fall prey to the front sure to check the ingredient list. Also be aware acid is not on the label, but many processed foods and drinks have lots of it. Again, don't be afraid to have a treat once in a while, have fun, and be sure to brush and floss! 

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